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Helping leaders set new direction

Strategy is all about doing the right thing and includes IT strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Organisational Design.  We help CIOs develop or sanity check their IT strategy. We make sure your strategy aligns with the business needs and priorities. We help define the key capabilities, technologies, organisational models or processes and performance measures (scorecard)  which enable you to successfully execute your strategy.

We work with your leadership teams and help them up-skill during the process. When needed we guide your team through the strategy execution process and review progress at milestones to adjust the course. (What clients say)

Help address technology management challenges

When dealing with complex technology management issues, CIOs and CEOs often find they either do not have enough time or lack the ability needed to deal effectively with the challenges. We supply the required expertise, and an independent perspective and advice to help you deal with these. Sometimes leaders just need more ‘band-width’ or time. You can quickly offload tasks to us and free your own time.

Helping improve delivery

Delivery makes strategy real. Delivery is Is about doing it the right way and getting it done. Delivery includes Program and Project Management, Governance and Sourcing. We help set up the right tools and governance to make sure that your projects are set for success, you have the right capability and management to deliver. Our years of experience in managing large and small programs helps us find and address issues early, saving you time and wasted efforts. Our delivery services not only covers projects but also effective delivery of IT services using demand management and service management processes. (What clients say)

Helping build high performing teams

Strategies are delivered through effective teams. Right capability and team that shares common goals is key to high performance. We help you design the right organisation models to get the right people in right roles and clarify accountability. We help set up proper governance,  balanced scorecards and performance management frameworks. We can also help with leveraging talent within the group and ways to improve employee engagement.(What clients say)

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