Testimonial – IT Performance and Delivery

Assisted company executives address IT performance challenges

Lead the IT review and strategy development for a Australian operation of a multinational group. Review indicated problems with business alignment and IT leadership weaknesses as well as effects of funding decline. Recommended steps for stronger leadership and a business focused organisation design. Developed practical processes to manage capacity more effectively with the use of value based prioritization processes. Helped develop high level architecture to leverage existing investments and move towards greater online presence. Short sharp assignment completed in less than two months.

Successful Delivery of Strategic Program

Prior to our involvement in the program the New Payments Platform program at Cuscal was a troubled program with unclear deliverables, budget and weak talent bench. After 18 months there was a complete turnaround.  In the words of Cuscal Chairman about New Payments Platform project in Cuscal:

“Despite dealing with more moving parts and having greater counter-party risk than any other participant in NPP, we have delivered on time and to a high standard. This Program has been our most challenging in terms of complexity. From a quality of execution standpoint, it is clearly our best Program. This has been reinforced by both client feedback and the independent Program certification.”

Improving Project Success

Provided guidance to projects that were at risk of not delivering on time. Board was getting concerned and lot was at stake. Provided practical advice to the CEO, CIO and Project Directors to focus effort in the right areas, improve transparency and team work with the business areas and vendors. Improved management of risks. The result was that the projects successfully delivered on time. Words from vendor country manager:

Hemant brought a refreshing approach to project ownership, project completion and desired degree of perfection to achieve a readiness for “go live” at a major FI. He offered practical advice to various complex and challenging situations, always seeking a positive and progressive outcome to move forward.

Reviewed technology programs at major companies and help discover risks and improvement opportunities. The reviews considered portfolio dependencies, program governance and execution. The reviews provided an external perspective from experienced practitioners which assisted organisations take prompt steps to make the projects successful. We look at how the project aligns with the organisation’s strategy and is it being executed the right way. We don’t just focus on the ‘technology build’ but also the organisation’s capability and efforts to manage, run and derive benefits from the technology. Recommendation from the Project Director:

Hemant assisted the CORE program of Cuscal by providing review and recommendations for improvement in the governance and delivery for the entire program. Hemant’s experience and knowledge and ability to grasp complex detail quickly was invaluable to Cuscal. I would happily recommend Hemant for any board and executive governance and delivery review and would welcome his involvement in any of my future programs of work.

Improving IT governance and controls

Assisted Credit Union Australia  institution improve IT governance framework and controls. Led the preparation for a regulatory review resulting in a favorable outcome. Testimonial from the CIO :

“Hemant provided IT advisory services to help CUA in preparing for regulatory and compliance improvements. The approach was ‘hands on’ and he personally drove the planning which provided a good result for CUA. Hemant is a very experienced as a CIO in Financial Services and he used his considerable knowledge to assist in developing the maturity level of this important capability.”

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