Independent program assurance

Clients invite us to conduct independent reviews of strategic programs at critical points.  For the program sponsors, the independent reviews provide a quick and cost effective way to deep dive into the program and surface any issues and risks early, so that these can be mitigated. 

We provide an independent perspective to management and the board on how well the programs are progressing to achieving their business objectives. We  recommend clear and practical actions to overcome program obstacles and to improve confidence for a successful program delivery and implementation.

We conduct the assessment in the context of the program success criteria, the overall organisation’s goals, and take a whole of business view. Unlike some reviews that focus on methodologies our reviews focus on effectiveness.

Clients typically ask us to conduct one or more of the three types of reviews based on the stage of the program. These are:

  1. Set-up for success – Check if the program has been correctly established and the current set up is likely to lead to successful execution.
  2. Periodic health-check – This is a mid-flight review of the program to assure if the program is on track to meeting its objectives.
  3. Post-Implementation Review – This looks at how well the program was executed, what worked well and what did not, what are the lessons so that future programs avoid the same mistakes.