Senior Manager at Sensis

“Hemant was engaged by my organisation to provide strategic advice to the IT department in a number of areas, specifically in the formulation of the IT Strategy. He was able to quickly understand strategic business and IT issues and relate them to the marketplace, competitor movements, IT principles and best industry practices. Through his deep understanding of the needs and drivers of IT in the context of the operating business, Hemant was able to surface strategic ‘disconnects’ and helped the company steer a better course at a time when the company was facing considerable pressure to adapt to a changing competitive landscape.” .

IT Strategy development for a media organisation moving from traditional print media to online content delivery. The strategy process helped the IT management team overcome silos and focus on strategic imperatives for the group. Reviewed strategic direction and projects underway to and surfaced major disconnects. Worked with Executive management to address the disconnects and refocus efforts. Strategy work was completed in ten weeks.