What We Do

Getting Programs Back on Track

When programs have gone way off track, clients seek our help to get them back on track. Our experience allows us to rapidly diagnose misalignments in the program.

Helping Leaders set Strategy

Clients engage us to help develop a business aligned strategy to set a direction for technology that is agreed with the executive team.

Program Assurance

Clients invite us to conduct independent reviews of strategic programs at critical points. For the program sponsors, the independent reviews provide a quick and cost effective way to deep dive into the program and surface any issues and risks early, so that these can be mitigated.

Address Technology Challenges

Our experience allows us to quickly understand the challenges and provide insights and additional ‘bandwidth’ to address management challenges.

Defining Technology Strategy

We follow a four step process for the development of the IT Strategy. These are: Where are we now? How is the business changing? Where we want to be? How do we get there?
We start with the Business Strategy and goals to guide the IT strategy. This ensures strong alignment of IT Strategy to the overall organisations strategy.

Helping Improve Delivery

We help set up the right tools and governance to make sure that your strategic projects are set for success, you have the right capability and management to deliver.